Bityard Invitation Code: 5% Rebate Bonus

Bityard is a popular cryptocurrency derivatives and spot exchange that lets users trade popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum with or without leverage. Below, you’ll find a invitation code that allows you to get a 5% contract rebate on your trades.

Register on Bityard with invitation code zHKEfH and get started trading on the Bityard exchange with a 5% rebate bonus

Invitation CodezHKEfH
Bonus5% bonus

How to claim Bityard code

To claim the 5% rebate sign up bonus on Bityard, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Add Invitation Code zHKEfH
  3. Complete registration
  4. Confirm email address
  5. Make a deposit and start trading
Bityard Sign Up
Bityard Invitation Code

Enjoy trading on Bityard!

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