How long does it take to buy Bitcoin?

So, you’re at the exciting point where you’re thinking about buying some Bitcoin; the world’s largest cryptocurrency. You are probably aware of Bitcoin’s incredible level of volatility by now and it raises the valid question; ‘How long does it take to buy Bitcoin?‘. In this guide, I’ll be answering this … Read more

Does Bitcoin Offer Buyer Protection?

Bitcoin’s journey has been a rocky one, there’s no doubt in that. Having risen to above $20,000 before falling to as low as $3K, it’s no wonder that speculative investors are wary – they have every right to be with something as volatile as Bitcoin. For this reason, many people … Read more

Does Bitcoin have Smart Contracts? (Uncovered)

Bitcoin is the world’s most well-known digital currency (cryptocurrency) and in its short lifetime, has been called everything from ‘revolutionary‘ to a ‘get rich quick scheme‘. Those with a more technical mind understand what really makes Bitcoin special, and that is its tech. So, without further ado, does Bitcoin have … Read more