Ultimate Free Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Quiz: 101 Questions & Answers

Looking for a Bitcoin/cryptocurrency quiz? Stop looking. This quiz is perfect for beginner’s right through to the seasoned professionals, so you’re bound to gain some value from it. In the quiz, you’ll find the most popular topics surrounding Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain & Bitcoin. Let’s get those brain juices flowing. Here are 101 cryptocurrency quiz questions and answers:

Who invented Bitcoin?
What does PoS stand for?
How many characters does an Ethereum address have?
When was cryptography first used?
Can you mine all cryptocurrencies?
Which year was EOS launched?
Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency – true or false?
What is an ICO?
Is Bitcoin legal in Russia?
How many cryptocurrencies are there? (Nearest 1000)
Which order usually has lower fees – Maker or Taker?
Which crypto exchange is FTX.com partnered with?
What does DAO stand for?
Did XRP have an ICO?
What is another name or Dash?
Which has faster transactions – Ethereum or XRP?
Which block was the Bitcoin Cash hardfork?
Who is the CEO of Algorand?
What is Ethereum most known for?
What is Tether?
Can you canel a Bitcoin transaction?
What is the maximum amount of Bitcoins there will ever be?
What is Carlos Matos famous for?
Is Coinbase custodial or non-custodial?
In which country is Icon (ICX) based?
Can you gamble with cryptocurrency?
What does ‘Halving’ mean?
Libra is the brainchild of which corporation?
What is an IEO?
Who was primarily held responsible for Silk Road?
What is crytpocurrency Digibyte’s ticker?
Is it possible to change a Blockchain’s history?
Who created Ethereum?
What is the smallest fraction of an Ether called?
What does ZKP stand for?
Can you buy part of a Bitcoin?
When was Monero released? (Month & Year)
Does Ethereum has a max supply?
What was NEO called before it rebranded?
Who founded the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency?
Who founded Binance?
When did Stellar Lumens (XLM) launch? (Year)
Which exchange hosted the first IEO?
Can anyone make a cryptocurrency?
Which electronic company did IOTA partner with?
When was Craig Steven Wright born?
Where are Coinbase’s headquarters located? (City, State & Country)
When did Binance launch? (Month & Year)
Can you trace Bitcoin transactions?
Who founded Dogecoin (DOGE)?
Can you send cryptocurrencies to different countries?
Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as digital ____.
How many words are in a typical crypto seed phrase?
What is the name for 0.00000001 BTC?
What are Ethereum tokens called?
Do you need the internet to send Bitcoin?
What is an EVM?
Is there such thing as a gold-backed cryptocurrency?
In which year was SegWit introduced?
Are all cryptocurrencies decentralised?
Which exchange did Arthur Hayes create?
Can you buy Bitcoin with PayPal?
Chainlink’s main feature is _______?
What is Cardano’s block time?
What is Bitfinex’s exchange token called?
What does BFT stand for?
Who created Litecoin?
Are there any Bitcoin ATMs?
Which cryptocurrency coined the term GAS?
Can a crypto have more than one consensus mechanism?
Which controversial cryptocurrency is Roger Ver known for?
Is Bitcoin free to send?
Is Satoshi Nakamoto’s identitiy publically known?
What is Brave Browser’s token called?
Who recieved the first Bitcoin transaction?
Can you store Bitcoin in your brain?
What is an ATH?
What does HODL stand for?
Which year was Mt Gox hacked?
Which company created EOS?
What is Coinbase’s stablecoin called?
Is there such thing as a physical Bitcoin?
What was NANO originally called?
Which crypto twitter influencer did Craig Wright sue in 2019?
What was Ethereum’s ICO price? (USD)
What is Bitcoin’s lowest ever price?
What is dApp short for?
Which company owns Tether (USDT)?
What is the main feature of a ‘cold’ wallet?
Who founded Tezos?
What is District 0x’s ticker?
What’s the term for when one entity has over 50% hashing power?
Which consensus mechanism does Tezos use?
Which hashing algorithim does Bitcoin use?
When was the Bitcoin Genisis Block?
What does P2P mean?
What is DAG short for?
How many characters is a the average Bitcoin address?
What does KYC mean?
Which exchange offered the first Bitcoin perpetual contracts?

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