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Crypto Signals: Complete guide

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Trading cryptocurrencies involves a high degree of risk. The content on this page is meant for informational purposes only and can, in no way be solicited as advice to buy/sell a certain cryptocurrency or trade on a particular exchange. By viewing this page, you are agreeing that we cannot be held liable for any losses you may incur as the result of taking actions after reading this post. We may receive a commission if you use some of the links on this page.

What are Crypto Signals?

Crypto signals are, in simple terms, predictions of where the market/trend is going to move. These signals are usually provided in the form of a chart with a write up including an entry zone, take profit levels, stop loss and the direction of the market (buy/sell). They are suitable for all levels of traders right from beginners through to professionals. Blockduo provides crypto signals for all cryptocurrency exchanges, nationalities and crypto pairs.

How accurate are Crypto Signals?

As you can imagine, the accuracy of cryptocurrency trading signals varies depending on the provider, market cycle and many other factors. It’s common knowledge that 95% of traders fail within the first year and this is usually the result of a lack of knowledge and guidance, and is one of the main reasons we created Blockduo and it stands at the core of our ethos; to provide cryptocurrency traders with the correct tools they need to start profiting from the crypto markets. Here at Blockduo, we pride ourselves with having the utmost precision when it comes to cryptocurrency signals, it’s not only about if the trade does go in the direction you predict, but catching the exit just right and locking in the maximum profit.

See below for an example of one of our crypto signals.

Timeline of events for signal example:

  • 26/06/2019 – Blockduo signals BUY on REN/BTC
  • 02/07/2019 – REN/BTC hits our sell orders at the final target for +94% total profit in less than a week
  • The week after – REN/BTC dips heavily and wipes all profit away if we had not taken it

Click here to view the trade chart

Be careful though…

It’s not all as glamorous as it seems. You’ll see a lot of self-proclaimed gurus posting fake trades, profits and accuracy rates out there who pretend they know the market. You can usually spot these as they will post absurd figures such as ‘99% accuracy rate’, ‘guaranteed profits’. If something is too good to be true, it usually is! On the other hand, services like ours only promote honest results along with education to help you trade the markets yourself which gives you a real edge and a higher chance of becoming a successful crypto trader.

We don’t lie about results – remember, you only have to be profitable more than 50% of the time to profit and compounding profits is extremely powerful and can lead to very high levels of profits within just weeks or months. Crypto signals can definitely give you a real Money Boost if you choose the right ones.

What are the different types of Crypto Signals?

There are many different strategies when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies similarly other markets and this reflects in our crypto signals. In order to make the most of the market, we need to be able to trade in different ways.

The THREE main crypto trading strategies are:


Scalping is a strategy where the trader makes many different trades in a single session for very small amounts of profit per trade. It works on the theory that these profits compound which can be very powerful.

Average time frame: 1 hour

Average percentage profit: +2.5%

Average accuracy rate: 71%

Benefits: Low risk, faster way of accumulating profits

Disadvantages: Very time consuming, one trade can wipe out all profits, only works with very liquid markets

Swing trading

Swing trading is a strategy based on momentum and fundamentals. The trade can take anywhere from over 1 day to 1 month. This strategy usually relies on news and projected inflow of volume/traders, something key for making profits when trading cryptocurrencies.

Average time frame: 1 week

Average percentage profit: +78%

Average accuracy rate: 79%

Benefits: Not time consuming, large profit potential, low amount paid in fees

Disadvantages: Moderate risk, larger drawdown, news can destroy trade

Fundamental trading

Fundamental trading is a strategy based purely on fundamentals, this is especially prevalent in trading cryptocurrencies since it is an extremely speculative market. Therefore, fundamentals can be very powerful price catalysts. Unlike traditional markets such as stocks, these fundamentals in question aren’t income or earning reports, they are usually partnerships, supply metrics or exchange listings for example. The fundamental trading strategy is very good for those looking for larger potential profits but inherently carries higher risk.

Average time frame: 10 months

Average percentage profit: +850%

Average accuracy rate: 63%

Benefits: Large profit potential, not stressful or time consuming

Disadvantages: Trades take longer (can be anything up to a year or more), higher risk due to low volume/interest

Naturally, there are many other less-common trading strategies, but these popular ones are proven strategies which have helped many members of our trading room profit over the years.

Where are Crypto Signals provided?

Cryptocurrency signals are commonly provided on social media sites such as Telegram and Twitter but this tends to be sloppy and you have to filter through a lot of irrelevant information to find what you’re really looking for.

Blockduo provides the best crypto trading signals in our trading room with clear entry, take profit and stop loss levels. We distribute these signals directly to your mobile and to your email. It’s completely up to you how you receive our crypto signals.

The cryptocurrency industry is maturing and we believe that trading of such assets should too.

Short Term Crypto Signals

Short-term crypto signals are for traders who want quick profit without too much risk. You usually make less profit per trade but these profits compound over time which is very powerful.

Get the BEST short-term crypto signals in our LIVE crypto trading room today

Long Term Crypto Signals

Long-term crypto signals are for traders who want have good patience, the profits are usually higher, you spend less time trading and don’t spend as much on fees.

Get the BEST long-term crypto signals in our LIVE crypto trading room today

Best Crypto Signals Providers

There is a wide range of crypto trading signals providers on the market, but not many offer good quality signals at an affordable rate, this is why we created Blockduo. We are well know as one of the best crypto signals providers because of our quality trading signals and low costs.

Where can I use Crypto Signals?

You can use Blockduo’s crypto trading signals for all the exchanges, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to trade our signals, no matter which exchange you use. Did you know that you can even request signals for a particular exchange? We’re all ears!

Some popular exchanges we provide crypto signals for are Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, Bittrex, KuCoin, BitMEX, BitMax and more.

Alex is the founder of Blockduo. He is a keen cryptocurrency enthusiast located in the UK. Get in touch directly with Alex by sending an email to

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