21 Cryptocurrency Dissertation Topics You Must Include (Simple List)

Writing a dissertation about cryptocurrency but struggling to come up with topics to discuss? Well look no further, I’ve put together a complete list of 21 topics guaranteed to spark some interest and add some length to your work. Anyway, without further ado, here are 21 cryptocurrency dissertation topics:

  1. Mining – what is it, how does it work?
  2. Decentralisation – how is it achieved, what are the pros/cons?
  3. Consensus Mechanisms – what are they and which is the best one in your opinion?
  4. Laws Surrounding Cryptocurrency – are there any anti-crypto governments?
  5. Longevity Of Cryptocurrency – is it a fad?
  6. Market Size – what is it like compared to other similar markets like stocks/forex?
  7. Ponzi Schemes – e.g Bitconnect, how can we limit them and protect people?
  8. Bitcoin VS Altcoins – is there a need for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for example or would Bitcoin suffice?
  9. Volatility – talk about the price volatility in the crypto markets, why is it so and do you think it will continue or stop?
  10. Problems With Traditional Financial System – a crypto essay wouldn’t be complete without mentioning why we need them.
  11. Criminal Activity – argue the case of crypto being used for criminal activity, it would be good to compare it to cash in this topic since it is also used for criminal activity.
  12. Lack Of Regulation – discuss the lack of regulation in the crypto markets, is it a good or bad thing?
  13. Environmental Impacts – talk about the impacts of cryptocurrencies (specifically Proof of Work) on the environment.
  14. Use Cases – what can cryptocurrency be used for, is it just good for value transfer (as money)?
  15. Digital Gold – would you agree with the premise that cryptocurrencies are ‘Digital Gold’ in the sense that they are hedges for traditional markets?
  16. Centralised Cryptocurrencies – talk about Libra (failed project) or Ripple, both are cryptocurrencies controlled by one (or a small group of) organisation(s).
  17. IoT – discuss the idea of cryptocurrencies within the Internet of Things, could it increase the adoption of crypto?
  18. Cryptocurrency & Tax – how should governments tax cryptocurrencies?
  19. Main Events – discuss some of the main events which have occurred in the cryptocurrency industry.
  20. Blockchain VS Cryptocurrencies – outline the differences between cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – e.g which came first?
  21. Quantum Computers – will supercomputers kill cryptocurrency, is there a need for quantum-proof cryptocurrencies?

I hope you found some interesting topics to use in your Cryptocurrency dissertation. If you have any which you would like added to this list, feel free to comment them below and I’ll add them for others to use.

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