CryptoSkulls Review: Collectable Digital Assets

Remember the CryptoKitties hype? Well, today we’re reviewing another non-fungible collectable digital asset on the blockchain; CryptoSkulls.

What are CryptoSkulls?

CryptoSkulls are non-fungible collectable ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain which can be traded on the OpenSea digital asset exchange. There is a total of 10,000 CryptoSkulls.

How much do they cost?

Since they are a decentralised asset, the price of CryptoSkulls varies depending on how much the owner wants to sell the asset for. As a general rule, the more rare, the more value the Skull has, like anything else.

Prices can range anywhere from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the rarity.


‘SKULL LORDS’ are the rarest 10 CryptoSkulls which are hand-drawn and have a uniqueness index of 1, according to

How to buy CryptoSkulls

You can buy CryptoSkulls with Ethereum or the SKULLS coin on collectable exchanges like OpenSea, you’ll also need a wallet like MetaMask to purchase these assets.

CryptoSkulls on OpenSea

Can you make money with them?

Similarly to other digital assets, you can make money by buying and selling them. You’ll only make money if the demand for the asset increases or the availability of the same one decreases (becomes lost for example). Some people have made insane amounts of money with ERC-721 tokens, but it is easier said than done!

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