Does Binance Distribute GAS? (Revealed)

Binance is renowned as a good exchange when it comes to giving a good user experience, but do they distribute GAS (the staking reward from holding NEO)?

Yes, Binance distributes GAS on a monthly basis to all accounts holding NEO in their account. The GAS is paid out before 12am of the second nature day in every month. The amount of GAS you receive is proportionate to the amount of Binance accounts holding NEO.

What is GAS?

GAS is a cryptocurrency generated by those contributing to the NEO blockchain economy. It is distributed to each NEO wallet instantly and some exchanges, including Binance, decide to distribute this to users as the custodian.

How much GAS do you earn by holding NEO?

You earn around 13.3% of the NEO coins your holding on an annual basis paid in GAS. For example, if you hold 100 NEO, you could generate around 13.3 GAS in 1 year.

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