Does Tesla Accept Bitcoin?

Tesla and Bitcoin seem like a match made in heaven – after all, one could say that they both represent the largest leaps in their respective sectors of the 21st century. But, can you buy a Tesla with Bitcoin?

No, Tesla does not currently accept Bitcoin for any of its products, including, but not limiting the Model 3, Model S, Model X or Cybertruck. You can only buy Tesla vehicles with regular fiat payment methods such as bank cards.

But Elon loves cryptocurrencies, right?

If you’ve hung around on Twitter and been involved evenly slightly in its tech corners, you may have seen some of the Tesla’s CEO; Elon Musk‘s comments about cryptocurrencies. It’s true, he’s a fan, but that doesn’t mean that it is economically viable for him to accept Bitcoin with Tesla.

But who knows, maybe one day you will be able to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, but at the moment, it’s more than a distant memory I’m afraid.

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