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Ember Fund is a cryptocurrency investing app which allows you to invest in top crypto index funds with automatic rebalancing in a non-custodial manner – meaning that you control your own funds and not some other company on the other side of the world.

Access CodebuTh889tuob
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Ember Fund Access Bonus Code

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Ember Fund $100 Free Crypto Credit

What is Ember Fund?

Ember Fund is a revolutionary app that lets you invest and create cryptocurrency index funds. The app aims to create a simple and secure way to invest in a range of different cryptocurrencies all from one app. Ember Fund fundraised through Republic, a modern crowdfunding platform in 2020. Here are some of the main features of the app:

  • Non-custodial (you keep hold of your funds)
  • 10K+ Users Worldwide
  • One-Tap Investing
  • Low Minimum Deposit ($100)

Ember Fund Referral (Explained)

I started using the Ember Fund app in early 2020 and realised it’s potential to change the way people invest in cryptocurrencies. Whilst using the app, I discovered that they run a referral program to help spread the word, this referral program gives anyone who signs up with your link a 1% deposit bonus up to $100 and you also receive the same bonus. So, if you’re thinking about trying our Ember Fund, use our Ember Fund referral link and we’ll both get a 1% deposit bonus up to $100 in value – it’s a win-win! Payouts are made directly in Bitcoin to your Ember Fund wallet. Note: You have to use the referral link on a mobile device to get the free credit bonus. Learn more about the Ember Fund referral program here.

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