Is Binance ERC20 Compatible?

I get it, you want one place where you can store everything, it’s heaps easier than having multiple wallets for different assets. For this reason, you’re probably wondering if Binance is ERC20 compatible so that you can store any Ethereum token on the exchange.

No, Binance is not ERC20 compatible. You can only deposit Ethereum tokens which are listed on the exchange, not every Ethereum token that exists. You can’t manage your Ethereum private keys on Binance so there is no way that it is ERC20 compatible.

Best ERC20 Wallets

Of course, there are Ethereum wallets which are ERC20 compatible, the only thing you need to know if a wallet is ERC20 compatible is if you have your private key. If you have access to this, then you are able to use the wallet for any ERC20 token. Here are the best ERC20 wallets available today:

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