KuCoin Referral Code: Earn 20% Fee Rebate

KuCoin is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. It’s well known for having a wide range of cryptocurrencies and a nice user-interface. Sign up with our KuCoin referral code below today and earn a 20% fee rebate with the KuCoin referral program.

Referral Code23vbyP8
Bonus20% Fee Rebate

What is a KuCoin referral code?

A KuCoin referral code is a code you can use when signing up to the KuCoin exchange. By using a KuCoin referral code, you can earn 20% fee rebates on the KuCoin referral program. Use referral code 23vbyP8 when registering on KuCoin.

How to use the KuCoin referral code

To use the code, follow the steps highlighted below:

  1. Sign up to KuCoin using this referral link: kucoin.com/?rcode=23vbyP8
  2. Enter the required sign up information
  3. Click ‘Referral Code
  4. In the referral code box, enter 23vbyP8
  5. Finish the signup process
  6. All done, you’ve successfully redeemed the KuCoin referral code
KuCoin Referral Code
KuCoin Referral Code
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