Lightnite: Enabling circular economies within the gaming industry in a scalable manner

One of the biggest limitations of the gaming industry today is the inability for players to get economic rewards for the time they spend playing video games and for their performances. The whole gaming industry is confined to a linear economy where players can only pay to get in-game features. In addition, once a player feels he has used a certain skin for a long time, he cannot sell it to other users (which lowers the overall practical utility of the game skin). For games using in-game currency, it is just a form of credits that players can purchase and spend only within that specific game. 

When blockchain games arose they tried to solve this problem with NFTs, allowing players to trade in-game items in a peer 2 peer manner. That’s a step forward, admittedly. However, this approach has two main limitations:

  • Blockchains are not scalable and blockchain games cannot handle mass adoption (just a single blockchain game can make the whole Ethereum Network inoperative, e.g. CryptoKitties);
  • NFTs rely on a central server, and that implies that if the game shuts down the NFTs lose all their utility (you can trade them with friends but cannot use them in the game, and using them in the game is the only utility they have).

LIGHT⚡️NITE is focusing on a different approach, which is integrating the Lightning Network technology to reward players with Bitcoin. This way LIGHT ⚡️NITE solves the above-mentioned issues because:

  • Lightning allows millions of transactions per second and therefore makes mass adoption feasible. In addition, bitcoin transactions over the Lightning Network are instant and cost zero fees;
  • Unlike NFTs used in some games, bitcoin is useful both within and outside the game and if the game shuts down players can still use bitcoin in their everyday life;

Basically, the problem that LIGHT ⚡️NITE solves is the same that blockchain games solve (allowing players to extract value from the game and trade it with other players) but does that in a scalable way and rewarding users with a digital asset that has utility even outside the game (and even if the game shuts down).

Regarding the gameplay, we can clearly see that most of the blockchain games are designed considering blockchain as the core of the game (it’s not a case if most of the blockchain games are trading card games or collectable games with few in-game moves and the rest is all about trading and speculation). What LIGHT ⚡️NITE is doing differently is integrating Bitcoin within the game as an add on that makes the gameplay more interactive and dynamic by adding economic incentives to a skills-based game. 

The game itself is an online multiplayer battle royale and RPG with different game modes:

Casual: a pure battle-royale that users can enjoy even without having any previous knowledge about how bitcoin works. For gamers. With in-game bitcoin rewards hidden within easter eggs and challenges. Players can join the battle royale alone, with a friend in coop mode or with their squad of 4 people. There is no risk to lose assets under this mode. 

Arena: users will decide if entering the arena and will be matched to a pool of users with the same (a) rank and (b) value of the items that they are wearing on a specific competition (users can buy scarce in-game items on the website When a player dies, his items drop on the ground and other players have to take strategic but quick decisions while other opponents try to kill them: they need to choose what to loot from the dead player (either ammo, shield, or better guns to increase the probability to win the game) and they need to do so wisely because each player has limited slots for items that can be carried in the backpack. This is the only game mode where players can lose their items. Collected items can be sold in exchange of bitcoin once the player wins the Arena. So basically if you make it to win the Arena, you can sell in the marketplace the skins you were wearing and the ones you looted from opponents.

Events: they can take place during specific periods. There will be two types of events:

  • Giveaways: some bitcoin will be hidden within the game map and players who find and collect them take ownership of those Bitcoin and can withdraw them into their wallets;
  • Flash modes: creative game modes that last for 3 weeks. One of the first examples users will find on LIGHT ⚡️NITE will allow players to earn bitcoin as they shoot opponents and lose bitcoin when they get shot.

The game is currently under pre-order at the cost of 20$. Pre-ordering the game gives users the chance to join the early versions of the game. Access to the first single-player prototype will be available during the last half of March 2020.

LIGHT⚡️NITE represents a new approach in the field of “blockchain games”, fairer and with new incentives. Other companies are following our lead, confirming the need in the gaming industry to create circular economies and pointing out the need of a scalable layer 2 solutions (Lightning Network) to bring crypto to the mass video games market.

Author: Federico Spitaleri, CMO at Satoshis Games

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