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Phemex is an institutional-grade professional crypto margin trading platform that offers up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, XRP and Chainlink.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll be giving you a Phemex invitation code and review that you can use when registering on the cryptocurrency spot & derivatives exchange and showing you how to claim $150 USD in welcome bonus trading funds.

Phemex Referral Code Tutorial

Phemex Invitation Codes (June 2023)

➡️ Invitation CodeGNFLL
💰 Welcome Bonus$150 + 10% OFF
Phemex Invitation Code Bonuses Details
phemex invitation code
Phemex Invitation Code (Enter on Website)

Getting Set Up With Phemex Website

Although it shows as an option, who wouldn’t want to use the opportunity to receive first deposit $150 USD in bonuses when registering? No one, that’s who!

You’ll see in the home page screen shot below that there is a box in which to paste the GNFLL invitation code. It’s as simple as that and couldn’t really be any easier.

Where to use code: GNFLL

How to Redeem the Bonus

  1. Visit
  2. On the right, you will see where to enter your details (near logo)
  3. Select the ‘Invitation Code’ drop-down box
  4. In that field, register and use the code GNFLL
  5. Make a deposit 0.2 BTC (or higher) on your crypto account
  6. Create a contract trade and a spot trade
  7. Traders who registered through our link will be given an extra FREE BTC $70 bonus immediately on top of the free $80 bonuses offered as an exclusive referral link bonus for our readers

Enjoy trading on the website platform!

Phemex Invitation Code Bonus Lowdown

Let’s drill into all of the details that can be used in conjunction with the referral code Phemex. I’ll keep it as clear as possible.

What you will receive as standard at the Phemex website is up to the amount of 80 dollars. And you don’t even require any enter code for that.

The way to do this is to make a first deposit of at least 0.2 BTC after completing the registration process. This gives you the $60 USD bonus.

Next, after you used to open a spot trade and a contract trade on the page, your trading account will be credited with another $20. However, there is no invitation code Phemex provides you with by default (or link). To find out how to get and receive even more than this $80 USD combined amount, read on.

The Phemex Invitation Code
Sign up and upgrade using Phemex invitation code: GNFLL

Upgrade Your Bonus Using ‘GNFLL’

We’ve teamed up with to receive all of our site traders with an additional $70 free bonus. This is credited to your trading account right after you register and first deposit 0.2 BTC – by simply adding the GNFLL invitation code.

It basically upgrades your bonus from $80 to $130 in one fell swoop. Plus, you can also get the other $20 bonuses as described after trading. In total, you will get $150.

Using Your Bonuses: Applicable Fees

This leveraged trading platform is very reasonable regarding the trading fees charged. You will pay just -0.025% for maker orders and -0.075% for taker orders. See the table below for the most common trades.

Phemex Contract Trading Fees Table

The derivatives exchange allows for leveraged spot trading and fees here are also very low after you register for BTC/USD and other pairs.

More About Phemex

The name itself is derived from the combined words Pheme and MEX. The former is from Greek mythology for the voice of the people while the latter is an abbreviation of mercantile exchange.

From the outset, the company’s founders (ex-Morgan Stanley employees) shared the common vision of creating a leading, trustworthy crypto money derivatives trading platform. We think that they have succeeded massively thus far.

Standing Out from the Crowd

The main founder is Jack Tao. He has stated in this interview that Phemex differentiates itself from competitors such as Binance and BitMEX thanks to its continuity of service (i.e. no outages or crashes).

He claims that the Phemex website servers are “easily” 10 times faster than that of their competitors and the backup service, disaster recovery, high availability functionality are second to none.

‘Users First’ Strategy

Tao has certainly built an impressive, seamless experience for its rapidly-growing user base. And it appears that the company’s roadmap does not end here.

The founder has mentioned that several more options are being explored. These include even more perpetual contracts, unique assets and funds. All will require the company to invest.

The Phemex invitation code certainly provides further proof that Tao’s strategy is designed to give the popular exchange’s traders more.

Here is a an informative video made by the company that gives the viewer a good summary of what Phemex (and Blockchain technology) is all about.

Phemex Website Explainer Video

User Experience

Feedback that we have received from users is largely overwhelmingly positive. The fact that the entire platform has been built from the ground up as ‘user oriented’ speaks volumes.

Withdrawals typically take an hour from this Singapore-based exchange. That’s pretty fast, all considered, in our opinion.

It is certainly very well laid out and very easy to use. It’s worth checking out our full review. You can also read all of the comments on social media in which praise is often heaped on the platform.

Phemex Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the questions that we get asked quite often, especially now that crypto has really taken off. if you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist with your query.

What is the Phemex Invitation Code Valid for 2023?

The Phemex invitation code is: GNFLL. It’s a referral code that upgrades your welcome bonus amount for trading.

What bonus do I receive by using the Phemex invitation code?

When you use this invite code, it will unlock the sum of $150 for you to use in your Phemex website trading platform cryptocurrency invest activities for free.

Are there T&Cs that go along with this?

Indeed there are. You can see all of the terms & conditions as well as the steps involved on the Phemex bonus cryptocurrency page.

As with most other invite welcome bonus codes resulting in a crypto bonus, the Phemex invitation code is dependent on you actually making the required first deposit. Therefore, these T&Cs are necessary to make users aware of what they are entering into with the cryptocurrency exchange. Traders cannot get more than one coupon or sell it.

Phemex Trading Pairs

  • and more bonus cryptocurrency & spot USDT pairs

Join the site here to see all pairs and buy cryptocurrency.

Phemex Exchange Features

Here is a list of the features you will find on the Phemex cryptocurrency platform:

  • Save trading fees (with Phemex Premium referral membership)
  • Cover Losses
  • Open Positions
  • Phemex Mobile Apps
  • Get $10 money free (On top of ‘Get 10’ claim another $140 bonus)
  • Referral program for friends
  • Phemex invitation sub-account
  • Deposit USD and cryptocurrency free
  • Social media connection & comments
  • Cryptocurrency Bonuses
  • Phemex invitations code bonus
  • Max sign up code
  • Register button located near logo
  • Start exchanging today!

Terms & Conditions

Can only be used to open positions, fees or cover losses. Max 100x leverage. Invitation code applies automatically. Advanced and regular traders. Cannot sell promo funds.

Summing up: Phemex review

You can now enjoy using one of our recommended trading platforms. They really do have a great platform backed up with a high-quality support operation after you open an account.

There are some restricted locations where leveraged trading platforms such as Phemex are not permitted. This includes the USA. However, in many cases this is bypassed by using a virtual private network, or VPN for short with the code Phemex GNFLL.

Remember to enter the Phemex invitation code GNFLL to claim the automatically applied $150 deposit discount promotion welcome bonus when you start on it.

It’s also worth mentioning that Phemex inviation codes allows you to earn interest on your crypto from stablecoins held in your account. We find it most convenient to use the 7% APY flexible savings account.

There is also a 7-day withdrawal notice option available for those who would like to earn a massive 10% APY on the money in their account and become a trader.

That just about wraps it up for this information about the bonus that you can get with the Phemex invitation code.

Should you be interested in joining additional cryptocurrency exchanges, you can use a referral code on most of these to deposit. Use our search box to look for more of these.

If you want to ask questions about the Phemex invitation code bonus friends, reach out to us. Most common comments include ‘How do I deposit or buy?’, ‘What’s the deposit bonus?’, ‘Can you only buy BTC?’, ‘Is there a Phemex fee discount when i start?’, Why do some people only offer $100, and you have more in 2023?’.

For more comment, check out the Phemex website. Or alternatively, leave your comment below.

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